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Innovative marketing for small business

I, Courtney, grew up in the vast cornfields that make up northern Indiana. I made the move to Southern Michigan to attend school in 2010, and have been in the area since.

I started Arrow in 2015 after leading a team of marketing geniuses for over a year and a half with another company. Before that, my career path was broad- from coffee to dentistry. In every position, my success has been founded in organization, strategy and creative thinking. My passion is helping small to medium sized businesses grow and gain traction in the digital space.

Alongside all of the tasks that are demanded of business owners- H.R, accounting, taxes, customer service, staffing, inventory, etc.- they are now also burdened with marketing themselves in an internet driven culture. The demands of that culture include a cohesive, relevant brand, a responsive website, activity on social medias, utilizing digital ads, on and on the list goes. It can be daunting and often marketing is put off simply out of complexity or lack of understanding.

Uniquely,  AM&D exists to come alongside the business owner and learn their brand and goals, as thoroughly as possible, in order to create a cohesive marketing strategy and reach those goals.