— About Me —

I'm Courtney Miller

I was born and raised in the vast cornfields of northern Indiana and taught to believe in Jesus, sharing with your neighbors, driving Ford trucks & eating beef. 

My parents are both business owners and yet it came as a surprise to me to discover early in my twenties an entrepreneurial spirit. In my school days I wasn't so athletic but I played volleyball anyway. (In tiny high schools in even tinier Hoosier towns, there is no such thing as "making the team," you were just on it if you showed up, lucky me.) I'm not very tall with very little vertical, so I wasn't a hitter. I'm also not very self-sacrificing so coaches didn't put me in back row to dive after spikes. But I was loud and organized. So, they made me the setter. I held the team together, called the plays, watched the opponent for weakness and set us up to capitalize on every opportunity for points.  

In business, I consider myself the setter. My job is to set up the truly talented for the best hits. I strategize and watch the opponent for weakness. I free up the dentist, the staffing partner, the non-profit, the chiropractor, the salesman, the innkeeper, to focus on what they are truly good at and drive business to them so they can keep doing it day after day. Learn more about Marketing with AM&D

My favorite thing about the digital space is how it constantly changes, always something new to try, new ways to reach more people. I've found this to be the most intimidating factor for a lot of small to medium size business owners, like the target is always moving so why try to aim? I understand that feeling and I believe, that once a brand knows who they are then we will know who their perfect consumer is. Bonus- today's consumers love a company that knows what they stand for, what they can provide, and who do it really well

This tends to pose another problem for small businesses. Thanks to the world wide web and brands like Amazon, Google & Apple, the consumer expects their digital experience to be nothing short of a dazzling, expensive, near-perfect process, but they want to shop small and support local business. It corners the small business owner into having to give up on a digital presence if they can't keep up with Google, or spend a fortune on a custom website and digital ads. *tension builds* But wait! AM&D was created to offer the small businesses a sophisticated online brand, without breaking the bank. By using template websites, we cut down on design and development time significantly, while still producing a world-class, customized product that functions beautifully. (See some Websites We've Done)

That's the first quarter century on me, we'll see what the future brings.