Digital Marketing

Once you have a gorgeous website, how do you begin to attract customers to it?  We all know we need to take advantage of digital marketing, but knowing where to start, what will offer a return and getting it all executed can be daunting to a small business owner. AM&D has been in the digital marketing realm for over 3 years and will work with you to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan that suites your brand and stays within your budget.


Marketing Strategy

The best course of action is to have a course of action. AM&D will work alongside you to understand the goals and needs of your business and then translate those into an actionable marketing strategy.


Budget Consulting 

More than once we've encountered a customer who needs guidance allocating their marketing budget. How much will make your ads effective on Facebook, Instagram, Google and beyond? We work to weigh every penny spent against the return it offers your company while pursuing the goals you've outlined in your marketing strategy.


Cohesive Branding

For your budget and strategy to be most impactful, your brand must stay consistent across all digital mediums. Your Facebook ads should reflect the website they're directed too. This cohesiveness draws consumers into your brand and begins to build trust and confidence in your company, before they ever meet you.